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how to get a troubled teen back on track

Unfortunately, my son got caught up with the wrong group of kids over the last summer. It was not until the police officers brought him home that I learned of what he and his new group of friends were up to. I knew at that moment that I was going to need a lawyer to help me help him through the situation. My lawyer was so helpful in many ways. By the time we worked our way through the legal process, my son was able to walk away without any charges that could threaten his future. Visit my site to learn what can be done for a troubled teen to get him or her back on the right track.

how to get a troubled teen back on track

What Are Some Of The Different Things Your DUI Lawyer Will Need To Know?

by Bernard Rice

One of the first things you should do after getting charged with a DUI is to hire a DUI lawyer. When you find a lawyer, you should let them know more about your case. If you're wondering about the different types of things that your DUI lawyer will need to know, you can start by making sure that you inform them about everything on this list. 

Why Were You Pulled Over?

First of all, your DUI lawyer will want to know why you had contact with law enforcement in the first place, such as whether you were pulled over while driving, if you went through a license check, or if you were involved in a car accident (whether the accident was your fault or someone else's).

What Happened During the Traffic Stop?

You should provide your DUI lawyer will more information about what happened during the traffic stop. You should let your lawyer know about things like which questions you might have answered, what you might have said, and how the officers might have behaved.

Did You Submit to Testing?

If you submitted to a Breathalyzer test or a blood test to determine your blood alcohol level, make sure that you tell your attorney about this. You should also tell your DUI lawyer about whether or not you participated in a field sobriety test.

Did You Receive Any Other Charges?

In many cases, those who are arrested for a DUI are charged with other charges, including things like possession of an open container of alcohol, underage drinking, traffic-related charges, or even drug possession. It's important for your lawyer to know about all of your charges so they can defend you.

Have You Taken Action?

Lastly, your lawyer will need to know if you have taken any action since you were charged with a DUI. If you have been going to substance abuse meetings or are thinking about checking yourself into rehab, for example, your lawyer will need to know about this. After all, if you're going to rehab, your lawyer might need to fight to try to have your court dates rearranged around your treatment. Plus, your lawyer will probably mention the fact that you're in rehab to the district attorney or judge, since this information can sometimes help you out during sentencing. In some cases, things like performing community service can help, too, so make sure you tell your lawyer about these things, too.

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