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how to get a troubled teen back on track

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how to get a troubled teen back on track

The Consequences Of A Hit & Run In Michigan Combined With A DUI

by Bernard Rice

In the state of Michigan, if you are involved in a vehicular accident, you are expected to stay at the scene of the accident and take a few specific action steps. You are expected to share your personal information, including your address and driver's license number, with either the police or the other parties involved in the accident. You are also expected to share information about the vehicle as well as your insurance information. Finally, you are expected to make sure that anyone who was hurt receives medical care and attention. Failing to take the actions described above can have serious consequence, which vary based on the severity of the accident that you were involved in.

#1 Vehicle Damage

The least serious type of hit and run is one in which only the other vehicle involved in the accident was damaged. This type of hit and run is classified as a misdemeanor. Although it is the least serious type of hit and run, it can still carry some real consequences such as a fine of up to $100 or up to 90 days in jail.

Where this type of accident can get tricky is if you didn't realize that you damaged a vehicle, like if you hit another vehicle in a parking lot. Your attorney would be able to argue that you didn't realize that there was an accident and thus didn't have a legal obligation to stop.

#2 Personal Injury

Right above vehicle damage hit and runs are hit and run accidents that result in the passengers or driver in the other vehicle being injured in the accident. This does not have to be a major injury; however, if any of the occupants of the other vehicle required medical attention at all following an accident, the consequences that you could face increase. If someone in the other party suffers whiplash, for example, and needs to be treated or if someone in the party suffers so much as a cut, you face being charged with a personal injury hit and run. You can be sentenced to up to a year in jail and you can be fined up to $1,000.

#3 Serious Injury

If someone in the other vehicle was seriously injured in the accident, the charges that you face are upgraded from a misdemeanor to a felony. Felony charges could put you behind bars for up to 5 years and greatly increases the fines that you face.

What is considered a serious injury can be open to interpretation, and if you face these charges, your attorney can argue that the injuries were not serious or that the injuries were present before the accident and were not your fault. Examples of serious injuries may including the loss of use of a limb or internal injuries that require surgery as the result of an accident.  

#4 Death

If someone dies as a result of a vehicle accident and you leave the scene of the accident, you can face up to 15 years in prison or face hefty fines. Your attorney may be able to argue that you had to leave the scene for your own safety; however, your attorney will need to present a very strong case in order to lower the consequences that you face.


If it is found out that you were also impaired during your hit and run, you will face an additional set of charges. Your charges will essentially be stacked upon one another. A DUI charge will leave you facing restrictions on your license, financial fees as well as possible prison time as well. You should work with your attorney to try to find a way out of your DUI so that your charges are not even harsher.

If you were involved in an accident and left the scene for any reason, you should call the police and report the accident right away. After that, you should immediately contact an attorney from a law firm like Boehmer Law in order to protect yourself against criminal charges.